Webinar series:
HR Hindsights in 2020: Lessons learnt by leaders in talent.

2nd session: Remote Recruitment with @Spotify
October 15th - 10am BST

Remote Recruitment

October 15th - 10am BST

It’s safe to say that remote recruitment is here to stay.
So whether you have pressed pause on recruiting over the last few months, or it has been business as usual, it’s time to assess your remote hiring techniques and put a solid long term strategy in place to digitalise your hiring process.

On the 15th October, AssessFirst will be joined by Spotify’s Global Talent Partner in an exclusive interview.

Want to know how Spotify have successfully hired their next generation of talent during the Covid-19 pandemic?






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Rebecca Lucas

Mischa Walmsley

Business Developper @AssessFirst 

Talent Partner @Spotify (via elements)



  • 15th October - Remote Recruitment with @Spotify 
  • 29th October - Mobility with @PwC


  • 1st October - Employee Engagement with @Mercedez-Benz.Io 

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