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How does it work?

1 Define the profile you need

Choose from our 400+ predictive models sorted by function, or create your own.

Simply answer a few questions to describe the position you are recruiting for. Our algorithm analyzes your answers and compares them to the profiles of more than 5,000,000 people to provide you with a clear recommendation in terms of the profile to look for.


2 Evaluate each of your candidates

All you have to do is Copy/Paste a direct access link in your job offers or to invite them by email.

Once your candidates have completed their profile, you get a complete report for each of them detailing what they can do, what drives them to action and how they behave in a work situation.


3 Select the best profiles

We help you make the best possible choice for your business.

Thanks to our campaign system, you can easily manage your recruitment operations. Your candidates are ranked according to their ability to succeed and flourish in their position, and also according to their affinity with their future manager. For each of them, we explain their strong points and their points to watch out for.