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Our complete guide with 4 key steps to create the sales team that you need.

A great Sales team is the key to your business development

Our white paper gives you all the key information to succeed in putting together your sales team in 4 easy steps.

Knowing how to set up your sales team is a critical part of your sales strategy. If you have questions about hiring salespeople, how to structure your sales department or if you need to improve the performance of your sales team, then our paper on Salespeople HR is made for you.

It explains how to set up and optimise your sales team in 4 easy steps:

How to put together your sales team

How to put together your sales team

Discover how to define your objectives, specialise your teams and structure access to information.

How to train your sales team

How to train your sales team

Everything you need to know on sales training, by video.

How to structure your sales team

How to structure your sales team

You'll finally understand how to have a high-performance sales team.

How to motivate your sales team

How to motivate your sales team

Discover the 3 fundamental motivations to really drive your sales team.

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AssessFirst is a solution that allows you to develop your business in a trouble-free way by recruiting the right people. With AssessFirst, you'll know who your candidates really are, beyond their CV. Once they've completed their AssessFirst profile, you'll find out what they're capable of doing, what motivates them - truly - as well as the way they behave. You'll also get reliable indicators about their capacity to succeed and thrive in the long term, in your business.



People recruited with AssessFirst perform 15% better on average than those recruited by traditional methods



Reduce your staff turnover by half, by choosing people whose motivations are well-suited for your business.



Save up to 30% of time. Armed with the right information, you can speed up your decision making.

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